After we moved into the virtual world by the evolution of the internet, Facebook has turned into a top platform to connect with our friends. Yes, Facebook made easy to connect with friends, but  at the same time we are sharing our personal information or images with friends, relatives and with others  in the form of profile or albums.So, beware before keeping images online. Keep them secure from unknown persons.

How To Change Profile Picture On Facebook As Unclickable Or Private


Today our life has been moving with mobilized technology such as cell phone and laptops which are always able to take anyplace we need. Moreover, today we are using smart devices which generally have lots of features. Laptops also including lots of features with high speed processing configurations.
 At the end laptop or smart devices are facing the battery problems. Today here I am discussing the some ten points which basically give you an idea to how you can use the laptops to build their battery life for long time, so you can overcome the battery problems which often make you disappointed.

How To Use Laptop For Long Battery Life


here is the simple technique to download videos from the Facebook. here you get the way to download the videos without using any third-party software tools, just by using simple trick you can get them.

Simply Download Facebook Videos without Any Software Tool


Here are the top ten URLs that every Google user must aware of them. These are the links which work in background of Google account and may reveal interesting details regarding you to Google.

Top Ten Links Every Google User Must Know Which Revels Your Intrests